About us

About US

Yazd Barchinkar Co. with more than thirty years of experience in designing and manufacturing agricultural machinery and equipment was established in 1988 and started its activity 0n a land of 230000 square-foot and with an 8600 square-foot built-up area. Barchinkar Co. started the activity by launching the plate mower (lawn mower) in 1990 and succeed in getting the final confirmation from agricultural machinery test centers, and after that was successful in producing the two-row corn chopper 72 ax model (jaguar 62 Germany Claas design).

This company with the help of internal experts’ ability to reach its long-term goals which is the self-sufficiency of our beloved country Iran has succeeded in manufacturing products such as two-row corn choppers with a capacity of producing 1000 one a year, plate mowers with a capacity of 2500 per year, baler (straw and hay presser) 1000 yearly production capacity, rotavator 24 blade vase model (rotary plow) with a capacity of 2000 per a year, and straw chopper with a capacity of 1000 yearly that leads to the employment of 200 people from our beloved country, and provides its products by 250 active sell and presell representations across the country to the dear farmers; a large number of China YTO tractors in X1254 and X904 models has also been distributed by this company up to now, and a great number of the expert technical staff are in charge of repairing their pieces and providing the after-sell services.

Barchinkar Co. always has several projects with the help of the latest facilities of the engineering and designing section and R&D section that their goal is self-sufficiency and preventing capital flights from our dear country.

All of the products made by this company have been examined by the management of agricultural machinery test and engineering which is under the provision of the Ministry of Agriculture – Jahad and has final confirmation from this organization to be updated in management quality it has received the ISO 9001:2008 certificate, and to get the license to enter the global market, has received international European standard (CE) for its products.

The collection of the company products has been manufactured based on international standards and Iranian technical standard codes, and in the meantime to improve the quality of the products and the needed technology and knowledge has expanded its cooperation with different foreign companies like BONDIOLI and GALLIGNANI Italy, YTO company China under the license of FIAT Italy, and SCHUMACHER Germany. The company also has trading offices in Thailand and China to expand the supply resources and export markets.

Barchinkar Co. has been chosen as the exemplary national craftsman in the agriculture part for several years and was successful in receiving the appreciation certificate from the then president, Minister of Agriculture, chairman of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, and the chairman of the Expediency Discernment Council in 2000.